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Build and display a symbol of the Galactic Empire: the Devastator! The Ultimate Collector Series Imperial Star Destroyer model (75252), which consists of more than 4700 LEGO® elements, reproduces with great realism all the details of the starship as it appears in the initial scene of Star Wars: A New Hope, as its rotating cannons, a tilting radar antenna, huge exhaust nozzles, elaborate surface details and, of course, a scale version to build and chase the Tantive IV starship of the rebels. This UCS set of the Galactic Civil War also includes an exhibition base with a nameplate and 2 imperial minifigures: a LEGO Star Wars collectible model perfect for the most demanding fans!

Includes minifigures of an imperial officer and an imperial crewman.

The Imperial Devastator Star Destroyer model is equipped with rotating cannons, a tilting radar antenna, huge exhaust nozzles and elaborate surface details.

It also includes a scale-to-build and attachable version of the Tantive IV starship to add more doses of authenticity and fidelity to Star Wars: A New Hope.

It is accompanied by an exhibition base with a nameplate to turn it into an impressive decorative piece.

It also contains 2 blaster guns.

This Ultimate Collector Series set consists of 4784 elements.

Recreate unforgettable moments from Star Wars: A New Hope.

The LEGO® Star Wars ™ collectible perfect for fans of the Star Wars saga.

This UCS model measures more than 44 cm in height, 110 cm in length and 66 cm in width with the exposure base and more 37 cm in height without the base.

Cheap LEGO Imperial Star Destroyer 75252

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